Architectural Design and Plans

Our architectural drafting services allow us to specialise in turn-key design and consent lodgement for Building Consents and Resource Consents. A true one-stop shop.

We have 3 drafting staff who can work with you and your suppliers to provide accurate and compliant details for Council. From concept to consent, we can handle everything. Our consent plans and documentation not only meet the requirements of the consenting authority, but we also provide the necessary details for your builder which saves you time and money. Just ask our clients, many of whom are builders.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions for difficult jobs and this is to a large extent due to our broad experience in the local structural engineering landscape.  We can look at problems from all sides – design, compliance and buildability – and quickly resolve them. As a consequence, we are adept at providing turn-key services with architecture, engineering and draughting all in one package.

Why use us? Because we are experienced. We ask the right questions to find out what you need. We want to understand clearly what you are really doing. We can anticipate what your local Council will allow, therefore providing you with the best solution for your project.

The building environment in New Zealand is becoming more complicated and expensive. Our daily work with suppliers, contractors, builders and council will help ease your way through the process.

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