Structural Engineering – Residential

Structural engineering skills applied to your project to find the right solution for you. We provide structural solutions for architects, home-owners and builders.

Not only do we resolve your design issues for and during the consenting stage, but we can also provide construction phase solutions, more often than not with on-the-spot resolutions that save time and money.

We work directly with your LBP and architects. We also have trusted preferred suppliers in many areas.

We are Auckland Council registered and can prepare plans, producer statements and Certificates of Design Work (COAs). Do you need house plans? Structural calculations? Large job or small? Various materials? Balustrade and deck design, inspection and repair are a common undertaking for us. We do it all and you’ll work alongside the engineer who is assigned to your project.

Our experienced team can provide a range of solutions for:

  • building inspections
  • design of retaining walls
  • house beams, bracing, foundations calculations
  • concrete, timber and steel structures
  • re-clads
  • alterations and renovations
  • bridging foundations and piling
  • multi-dwelling unit construction
  • full building consent process
  • construction advice
  • body corporates

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